If you have a bingo call 1-866-880-4646

TV Bingo Rules:

Bingo cards may be purchased from local area merchants. See the Merchants tab below for a list in your area. The names and locations of the merchants will also be displayed during the games.  Merchants who sell game cards periodically change; updates will be made through the year.

Each week a total of 4 games will be played.

Game 1 – Any Line Hard way (No Free Space) – $100

Game 2 – Letter X – $150

Game 3 – Around The World – $250

Game 4 – Full Card – $3000 or 50 or less $5000

  • Numbers will be called twice and displayed on the bingo board.
  • If you have a bingo call 1-866-880-4646.

  • The Bingo on the least amount of numbers will be the winner.
  • Due to the time lag between numbers called and potential winner calling in the first caller may not necessarily be the winner.
  • In case of two or more winning bingo prizes will be divided equally.
  • Prizes will be delivered following tonight’s Bingo.
  • According to law no one under 18 may play TV Bingo.
  • Good Luck!

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the regulatory body for TV media Bingo, stipulate a claim of a bingo must be made during the telecast. Therefore, Knights of Columbus TV Bingo cannot award any prize to a player calling to claim a bingo after the telecast has ended.